The Gray City

Death walked down the gray street of the gray city. The bells on her ankle chimed like a church at a funeral.

Her white dress floated around her incorporeal form.

The blood she had worn was gone and she was pure once more.

A hacking cough caught her attention. Tangled white strands of hair floated into her face as she turned.

The pained old woman coughed again as she hobbled along in the city of gray. All her joy was gone, her eyes were dull.

The old woman saw Death as she approached. Death smiled her red, red smile and took the old one into her arms. The poisoned lips kissed the wrinkled brow of one lost to the age of gray.

The woman smiled, she was young again. Green eyes glinted in the sunlight, and her red hair glowed.

She laughed and spun.

She turned to Death and took her hand.

The woman began to float, and Death's hand slipped from hers as she flew into the blue, blue sky.

The Crumpled husk of her existence dissolved, and Death walked on, alone in the city of gray.

End The Gray City