Part Two

Looking outside once again Olivia saw that the snow had finally come to a stop, the heavy gray clouds parting to reveal a black, star speckled night sky far above them. "Well," she finished off her drink, setting it down as she stretched, "looks like we're stuck up here tonight."

Fighting back a yawn Sharon got up from where she had been comfortably nestled into a corner of the overstuffed couch, stretching herself out as she went up on tiptoes. "I hate to say it, but I'm hitting the sack," she sighed.

"Hopefully they'll clear the roads by morning," Liz followed her up as she added, "and we can head to town tomorrow."

"Suppose you're right," Olivia conceded.

"See you two in the morning," Sharon called, she and Liz heading off together.

Excusing herself Olivia went into the bedroom that she had shared last night with Tam, feeling a bit of relief at the two single beds that were awaiting them. 'Glad I'm not Liz or Sharon,' she mused as she went into her luggage looking around for a nightie, 'having to share a king sized bed in the master bedroom.'

"Olivia, I wanted to..." Tam started only to freeze.

Olivia's slinky dress had casually been dropped to the floor, the shapely redhead standing there dressed only in her tiny panties. Her breasts were full and round, the nipples standing up firm in the chilly air, slim but clearly attractive. Casually she pulled her nightie on, just letting it flutter down her body to cover her in a semi-transparent shroud.

"Yes?" Olivia asked Tam, seeming entirely unbothered by the free show that she had just gave the other woman.

"Sorry," Tam said, the older woman still boldly blushing. "I hope you weren't too bothered by staying up here tonight," Tam admitted, "if I hadn't suggested that we all go out skiing this afternoon you'd be in town by now, I think."

"Don't worry," a smiling Olivia shook her head, long red hair flowing as she reassured her, "I wasn't serious, I just like razing Sharon a bit."

"I'm glad," Tam admitted, moving over to her own bed and nervously rifling through the suitcase that was laying there.

Olivia put the radio on a moment, listening as a song came to an end then the news started, "A record snowfall has closed roads across the region, plows are expected to have them cleared by midmorning, possibly early afternoon. In other news..."

"Looks like we're sleeping in tomorrow," Olivia shut it off with a sigh.

Tam set some of her clothes aside as she rooted around in the suitcase. "I suppose your boy-toy could use the rest," she mused.

"They usually have plenty of stamina," Olivia said archly. She sat down on the bedside with a slight sigh as she mused, "I think I'll have to apologize to Sharon later on, though."

"Oh?" Tam looked curious as she finally fished a night shirt and clean pair of panties out, closing the suitcase up and setting it on the floor by the window.

"The bit about her grandmother," Olivia elaborated, "I didn't react too well." She lay back on top of the covers, red hair fanning out on the white cloth, "Which is odd, considering that I've had some experience with that."

Tam was slipping her bulky sweatshirt off, dropping it to the bed as she blinked at Olivia in surprise, her plain white cotton bra bold against her skin, "Pardon me?"

"What, Sharon and Liz didn't tell you?" Olivia looked amused as she turned on her side to look over at Tam, beautiful face framed by her hair. "With all the gossip that passes around our little group I'd thought they would," she said with gentle amusement.

"No, they didn't," Tam had the oddest smile on her face as she slid her panties and bra off, revealing that she was a natural blonde. She blushed faintly as she slipped her own night clothes on, feeling Olivia's eyes resting on her.

"What?" Olivia raised an delicate eyebrow.

"I think your friends may be trying a bit of matchmaking," Tam admitted with a amused smile, "you see, I'm a lesbian."

After a moment Olivia began to laugh softly, shifting around so that she was laying fully on her side. "Considering that neither of them are really dating," she remarked, "they should be taking care of themselves first."

"I rather think they are," Tam said with a twinkle in her eyes.

It took Olivia a few seconds to get that, "Sharon and Liz are...?" She thought for a moment, a slow smile spreading across her face, "Well, well, that certainly explains a bit."

"They were certainly quick to volunteer to take the master bedroom," Tam agreed as she sat down on her bed. She smiled, "Sharon has been asking me about my coming out, that sort of thing... I suspect she and Liz are planning to sometime this week."

Olivia shook her head ruefully as she murmured, "Hopefully I haven't set them back by reacting the way I did."

"They're big girls," Tam reassured her, trying very hard not to look at the swell of the other woman's breasts, "they'll manage." Faintly blushing she added, "But why are they matchmaking, when you're involved with a guy?"

Olivia laughed, "They know I'm not serious, especially about a kid like that." She looked over at Tam thoughtfully, "You don't have casual flings like that?"

"I'm the prototype U-haul lesbian," Tam confessed, then smiled at Olivia's confusion. "It's an old joke, What does a lesbian do for the second date? Rent a U-haul."

"Not my style," Olivia shook her head. She smiled at Tam as she purred, "You need to try a casual fling one time, they're very fun."

"I can't believe we're having this conversation," Tam muttered, feeling oddly dowdy in her old pink nightshirt compared to the lacy item Olivia was in. "What do women do when they find out you're bisexual?" she had to ask.

Olivia looked amused, "Generally start plotting to bring me to bed."

"I had to ask," Tam blushed.

Olivia laughed softly, but it was a kind, warm laughter as she tilted her head to the side, looking over at Tam gently. "You haven't been dating?" she asked her curiously, feeling a bit surprised that such an attractive woman was single.

"Not for awhile," Tam admitted, "not since I kicked my ex out of the house."

"I'm sorry," Olivia murmured.

Tam smiled wryly, "It's not so bad, I think we were going to break up even before I caught her dipping into my bank accounts."

"I'm glad you're not too heartbroken," Olivia purred. She smoothly rose from her bed, walking across the room to sit down by Tam's side. "I find it easier to talk to you this way," she explained, settling in beside the other woman and enjoying the way the other woman's eyes widened as Olivia drew near.

"Right," Tam croaked out, the sweet scent of Olivia's perfume flowing over her in a seductive wave. She tried to focus on the lovely woman's face, but it wasn't easy, her eyes almost involuntarily being drawn down to gaze at that lovely cleavage. She wondered if the other woman felt the same sort of spark she did, the pulse racing faster.

"I think Liz and Sharon know me a little too well," Olivia murmured as she reached out to tun a hand through blonde hair,. "because you're just my type."

Tam closed her eyes, unconsciously leaning into that warm touch. "I don't usually do this," she murmured, "I haven't in so long...."

Olivia silenced her with a gentle kiss, before the other woman could talk her out of what was happening. "If you really don't want me," she murmured, "despite the looks you've been giving me all night, just say the word and I'll go back to my bed."

"You think I'm crazy?" Tam sighed, pulling Olivia into another kiss.

The End