The Edge of My Blade

I'm all alone, all alone

With the pain that's deep inside me.

I'm screaming loud, screaming loud.

I cannot bear this feeling.

I must release, I must release

This pain that's here within me.

How can I? How can I

When it's so deep inside me?

It's in my skin. It's in my skin.

It's in my very being.

The pain's so great.

So much on my mind . . .

It's so great, I can't feel

These gashes I forced upon me.

Bleed! Bleed!

Free the pain

So bittersweet inside me.

I force a sob . . . And then I laugh

Slashing, gashing, and

Slicing 'cross my mind . . .

But soon they heal . . .

And the pain returns.

Taunting my very mind.

No escape . . . No escape . . .

Lost in this endless dream.

My sanity lost . . .

And the only thing left

Remains at the edge of my blade.