Here I stand,


In the blinding white darkness.

My hands groping

For an untouchable aid,

Eyes searching

For and unseeable desire,

Mind wandering

Across time and space,

Searching for that which cannot be found.

Here I stay.

Gazing longingly at my broken wings,

Wings hewn of crimson velvet,

The wings that had taken me so long to acquire.

The wings that should have rescued me

From my never ending prison.

Here I cry.

Kneeling upon broken feathers,

My last wisps of hope fading quickly away,

Dripping through my fingers,

As hard to catch as the sunrays in the evening.

Here I sit.

Alone in a whirlwind

Of vanishing thoughts and dreams,

That until recently

Hadn't seemed too far,

But are now as distant

As the shadows of the golden moon.

Here I lie,

Silent crystalline tears

Escaping my eyes

And running down my face,

Staining it.

Proving that I'm not as strong

As I led the world to believe,

And now I'm paying for it.

For deceit.

For deception.

For taking advantage of all whom I loved.

For ripping up hearts.

For tearing up souls.

For everything I've done.

My life has stopped,

My loved ones left,

And everything that ever meant something to me,

Is gone.

I realize what I've done,

But, now, it's too late,

And so,

Here I am.