Past, Present, Future

My past I have forgotten

Leaving it cast aside

I refuse to regret anything

From my past I do not hide


I wait alone in this memory

Watching as I slowly burn

I shall remember before I forget

Before this road shall turn


I exist as just a lost dream

A dream one can never acquire

What if I turn into a nightmare?

Will I be labeled a faithless liar?


I live today in the present

Happy for this life you killed

Satisfying this deadly greed

More for the story you stilled


Today holds more than I care

Breaking me apart in pieces

I cry alone in the black night

As this feeling I feel ceases


It's not that I don't see a future

Not that I can't see one at all

Just that I don't want to see one

Don't want to die before I fall


The future you see is foggy

You want me to see it too

I believe not in thinking that far

I can't see the way you do


My belief is living for the moment

Living a second at a time

The past means nothing now

And tomorrow will be just fine