A/N: This poem is the translation to the spell cast by the Angels in the first chapter of my story, The Angels of Celeb Ayre. First, you see the words translated, then you see then in the language of the Angels, Dythre.

Tethered freedom, Godly ways,

Burning nighttimes, freezing days.

Light emmiting from the sea,

By Angel magic, broken free.

Crimson gold come forth inside,

Will of hearts and minds collide,

Seeking all, and knowing none,

Battles lost and heaven won.

Soothing chants from silent graves,

Sunlight held beneath the waves.

Flowers dance an untold song.

Short the hour that lasts us long.

Soft, we cry to split the gate,

And hold no longer in a wait,

Open doors that we may see.

By Angel magic, broken free.


Hythen tisa yin tuore

Kasti prost y vereto

Jon knidendra shiten pol

E carin wo ni gotte.

Firon sise genos twore

Iretenda nite drie

Liste punsy i hudry

Kiro tensu druma he.

Tyre moten shiden tu

Nisetundra izte le

Yume hundre inte lyn

Prodensuta nistuprei

Dri'Nin howli nigete

Suki mawarina te

Cladd shirentu hudeny

E carin wo ni gotte.


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