Silver Lake University

By Arcangelic- the Winged

Seeing as everything in this story came from my wonderful, hyperactive imagination I would appreciate it you would review, and not use anything that I createdunless I say you can.

Chapter One – Silver Lake's new residents

Sitting in the back of the huge van, Pryce looked out of the window dully. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy seeing the all the three's that flew past, because he did love nature a lot.

The problem was, that the van was driving him away from home. He had graduated High School, and had enrolled in one of the most prestigious universities nationwide: Silver Lake. SLU was a small university, but one of the utmost quality.

Then again, that was only part of his problem. Sure he'd miss home and everything, but he was quite independent and capable of taking care of himself. Besides, three of his friends would also be going to Silver Lake.

They had always, from day one at High School, hung out together and had expected all six of them to go to SLU. But two of them had been turned down, because their SAT-scores where too low to meet the demands of the university.

That had been the first curveball Silver Lake threw at him. But not the last, certainly not the last. The next one he had found out about a few hours ago, when he had opened his dorm room information letter.

He and his friends had hoped and prayed they'd be roommates. And sure enough, Derek and James would be roommates. But unfortunately, Pryce and Ryan wouldn't. Ryan's roommate would be a A. Emmanuel, while Pryce's roommate's name was L. Svenson.

But not even that was the reason Pryce was sulking. The reason was that his dorm room was located at the other site of the Silver Lake Complex. Pryce sighed. Sure, the Complex wasn't all that big but it still was quite a walk to go from his room to his friends' and he didn't know anyone in his own dorm. Pryce turned jis head, bent on thinking about something else, and studied at his friends.

Ryan, his best friend, was 1,93 meters with green eyes and chestnut hair. His good looks combined with all the muscles he had grown in the Gym had made him quite the heartbreaker in High School, and Pryce didn't doubt Ryan would continue the 'good work' in college.

Derek was shorter at 1,88 meters and had blue eyes and blond hair. He was slender but Pryce knew he had well-defined abs, since he had seen him in the locker room so many times after a tennis match. Suddenly Pryce couldn't help but smile, thinking that at least he'd see Derek on the court.

James was 1,79 meters and had blue eyes and red hair. James was a little heavier than the rest of them, and had been teased about it badly in High School. For that reason he had always been the shy one of their group, and Pryce hoped Silver Lake would bring him out of his shell.

Suddenly, he saw the gates of the SLC and sat up straighter. He saw Ryan smiling at him, and smiled back. They had been driven to the University by James' father, who had borrowed the huge van from a friend. He knew they'd only offered to help him get settled because they felt sorry about him being alone in the dorm, but still he accepted.

So they drove to his dorm first, and took his stuff to the fifth floor. Everybody ignored Derek's proclamation that he was jealous of Pryce's top floor accommodation, because they knew he wouldn't trade rooms with Pryce even if he could.

Everyone, including mister Finn (James' father), helped Pryce set up his stuff accordingly, leaving enough room for his roommate. When they were finished, they drove to the other side of the complex and did the same to James' en Derek's room before heading to Ryan's room.

There, they found A. Emmanuel. He had just finished settling in, and when they opened the door he turned to them and smiled. "Hey, my name's Adrian Emmanuel. One of you is R. Morris, right?"

Ryan stepped forward and shook Adrian's outstretched hand before introducing the rest of the guys. With his long and curly black hair and deep brown eyes, Adrian had this exotic Spanish boy (which he was) look to him that Pryce found attractive.

Pryce shook Adrian's hand and immediately started putting Ryan's things in place, to prevent himself from staring at the Spaniard too much. He knew he was being rude, but he couldn't risk it. He hadn't told his friends he was 'that way' yet, out of fear of losing them. And it didn't help that he had a crush on Ryan.

When they were finished, Pryce said his goodbyes. He told everyone he was a little anxious to see what his roommate was like, which of course was only part of the truth, and went back to his room.

At first he hadn't liked the idea of crossing the entire campus just to see the rest of the guys, but walking back to his own room he enjoyed the sight around him. Silver Lake's buildings had this old and majestic air to them, but he knew the old part was only an illusion. Every single building on the Complex was fully modernized, equipped with the latest of the latest in technology. But on the outside, Pryce could see how people could get the feeling of walking in the Middle-Ages or something. Especially since trees filled the 'leftover space' between the buildings like a forest with paths leading from one building to the other.

It took him twenty minutes to get to his own room. He opened the door and got the shock of his life. Out of the bathroom walked a gorgeous guy of about 1,90meters with platinum blonde hair and bright blue eyes. But that wasn't why Pryce was shocked.

The guy in question was dripping wet and butt naked! Pryce couldn't keep his eyes off of the well-toned muscles on both his arms and legs, his powerful chest and incredible six-pack. That is, until he saw the guy's package. Pryce had shared a shower with other guys at gym class, so it wasn't that he hadn't seen another man naked before. But this guy was well-endowed in a way Pryce had never seen before.

"Hey there, I'm Lars Svenson. Are you P. Whittaker?" That shook Pryce out of his trance, and he immediately tore his gaze away from Lars' body to look at his face again. He nodded and took the hand the guy had extended, silently cursing himself for his newfound muteness.

"Nice to meet you. Sorry about the mess, I'm used to having my towel in the bathroom. But I forgot to put it there when I was unpacking and stuff. I'll clean up when I'm done." Suddenly, Pryce's tongue was mysteriously returned to him by some invisible force. "It's okay. The name's Pryce by the way. Nice to meet you too."

Pryce closed the door, and walked past Lars. After muttering he was going to his room, Pryce indeed did so. He threw himself facedown onto the bed, and didn't move for some time. The only indication, aside from his breathing, that gave away that he was still alive were the groans he emitted at times.

After a few minutes he got up and changed into shorts and a shirt before throwing himself onto the bed again, this time face up. He lay there, hoping not everyone on campus was a total knockout. I mean, if he was drooling over every guy he saw it would be hard to hide the fact he was gay from his friends, right?