I want to dream.
I want to go wild...shout and scream!
Fly into the clouds!
Where the sky is our limit.
If only no pain existed.
If only our dreams were real.
If only our hearts were all as strong as steel.
Have you ever tried so hard...
And failed just as much?

Inside we're all afraid of being alone.
How frightening it can be to be all on your own.
None of us are sure if we'll never reach our goals.
We'll never know when we'll find true love.
Try this, try that, try something new.
Later end up failing, right on cue.
Once again our hopes are broken.
Hurtful words are always being spoken.
Hate, racism, labels, and discrimination.
All these horrible things taking over our nation.

Trip down the stairs, and fall out of the railing.
Lie broken and twisted; dead and still.
Your soul dies and there is no more will.
Get beaten over and over by the same pains.
Stab a knife deep into your veins.

Being rejected, being hurt, and don't forget about failing.
All of these tortures...
We're all afraid of these things.
But I suppose they are necessary.
Because...what would happiness be without sadness?