Summary: She was depressed. Nothing mattered. Except for him. He was the only thing holding her up. But now he was gone, her life was worthless.

Life Doesn't Matter

You're gone,

You were here yesterday,

But you left.

To you,

It matters not,

But to me,

It matters.

I loved you,

Then you broke my heart.

You left with some one different,

You left me behind.

My life wasn't worth living,

Even when you were here,

But now you're gone,

I may as well be dead.

You were the pillars

Holding up my life,

With out them,

My life will crumble,

Into little bits of rubble,

Like a collapsing Roman temple.

Lords, protect you,

Like you never protected me.

Did you even know

I existed?

That I loved you?


I didn't think so.

Why am I

Obsessing over you,

When you don't even

Know I am here?

Why didn't you

Try to think

Of how I felt?

Or didn't you know

I was there,

Waiting for you?

You can walk

Away from me now

But later,

You will regret it!

Would you care

If I died?

No, you wouldn't'.

You only care about her,

Her, not me.

My life may be over,

But you won't forget me,

I'll make sure of that!

My world is crumbling,

All around me.

And only you

Can fix it.

But you are not

Here for me,

And never will be again.

Goodbye, lost lover,

Never again will I be free to look

Into your face again.

My life is over,

Yours will never

Be the same.