"I just can't be with you anymore Ryan,"

Those were the words that took out the bottom of my world. My girlfriend, Kelly, had just dumped me.

"But, we can make it work," I begged.

"You don't understand," Kelly moaned. "Me and Liam…"

"Liam McKenzie?" I spluttered, hardly believing my ears. Kelly nodded.

"And Will and Jack…" She murmured. "You were too busy with rugby Josh! I just… I just didn't feel loved. Liam, Will, Jack… they gave me what I needed. Love, attention, everything. I know they're choir boys and -"

"Just get out," I muttered.


"Go. Now."

"Can we be friends?" I looked at her in the eye when she said that. How could she ask that? She'd only just ripped out my heart and thrown it across the floor.

"I'll think about it," I replied finally. "Leave." She left, after I practically pushed her out the door. I sat down on my bed and tried to run my fingers through my hair, but it was too full of wax. I still couldn't believe what she said. She dumped me. I'm the captain of the first fifteen, probably the hottest in the form and she dumped me. And for all those poofter choirboys.

"Ryyyyyyyaaaaaan," My little sister, Olivia, called, poking her head around my door.

"Can't you just knock?" I snapped.

"Ooooh touché," Olivia quipped. "What the hell's wrong with you?"

"Piss off," I hissed.

"Did she dump you?" She asked eagerly, letting herself into my room. I didn't reply. "She did, didn't she! Yesssss!"

"Mum!" I yelled. "Livi's being a pain in the ass!" Mum came running.

"Livi," Mum said sternly. "Get out of Ryan's room and give him and Kelly some priv… where is Kelly?"

"Kelly dumped him," Was Olivia's oh-so-sad (not) reply to Mum's question.

"W-what?" Mum asked, shell-shocked. "Oh Ryan." She gave me a hug. "Do you want to talk about it sweetie?"

"Mumfff," I mumbled, feeling asphyxiated. Mum released me.

"Yes darling?" She asked.

"I'm fine," I told her.

"Ok," She said cautiously. "I'll head off and take Olivia shopping. But remember, you've got rugby in an hour." I groaned.

"I'll get there," I muttered.


"Why didn't you run Matheson, you silly bugger?" He wanted to know in an amused voice.

"I don't know," I replied, dazed.

"Daydreaming aye?" He drawled. "Don't worry about it mate. Just keep fit and maybe have a better season next year." Next year. I winced.

"Oh my god!" Mum squealed too dramatically. "Ryan! My baby! What happened?!?!"

"I'll see you later Ryan," My coach said, making a quick exit.

"Bye Mr G," I said.

"They said you may need a plate in your ankle!" She exclaimed.

"I'm fine," I demurred.

She ignored me. "And they said you'll need to be kept in hospital over night due to mild concussion!"

"Mum," I said sternly. "I'm ok."

"What happened?" She asked, stroking my hand.

"I had the ball and I was tackled," I replied.

"No small wonder you broke your leg!" She exclaimed, and tried to asphyxiate me again. "Oh my poor darling!!"

"Mum, I'll be JUST FINE," I told her again. She ignored me. Again.

"When they told me you were in hospital I thought you'd died!" She sobbed, hyperventilating. Women. They get emotional over everything.

"Don't worry darling, I'll be there for you." I rolled my eyes. It was going to be a long night.

"Well Ryan," the doctor said. "Looks like everything's all right. You're free to go."

"Sweet," I replied.

"But you'll have to come back every week to see how that leg's doing," he told me. I groaned inwardly. I sat dazed in the wheel chair while the words sunk in from last night. No more rugby all year, no winter tournament, no Kelly…

It was going to be a long few months.

The only upside to this was the nurse who pushed me out to the car. She was really hot.

"Here's your crutches," She said. I turned around.

"You mean, I don't get a wheelchair?!" I asked, not quite believing the woman. This was just getting worse!

"Sorry sweetheart," she said. "But you take care aye?" She ruffled my hair as Mum helped me into the car.

"I know this is disappointing for you Ryan," Mum cooed from the front. "But think of it as a minor setback." Easy for her to say. She wasn't up to her knee in a cast.

I sighed and rolled my eyes as she went on.

"… and anything you wish for, anything at all. I don't mind. Neither will Livi," She continued. I suddenly had an idea.

"Do you reckon you could write me a note to Mr Green about my English homework?" I asked.

"Nice try," Mum said smarmily. "In case you haven't noticed, it's your leg that's broken not your arm." We stopped outside my house as Mum helped me out of the car and on to the couch.

"Now, Dr Stanhope said you were to put your leg up for the rest of the day," Mum said. "We'll get Hell Pizza tonight if you like."

"Fine by me," I mumbled.

"What the hell happened to you?" Olivia wanted to know as she pranced into the room.

"I thought it was obvious," I snapped. She bent down to stare.

"So what happened to your face?" Olivia asked. I sat upright and felt for irregularities. "Or were you born that way?" I swatted her with my crutch.

"Piss off Olivia," I moaned.

"Mum!!" Olivia cried, limping out to the kitchen. "Ryan hit my leg with his crutch."

Drama queen.

"Olivia, behave yourself," Mum yelled back.

Now that was revenge. Time in this cast was starting to look up.


"Maaaaate," Greg whistled low. "What the fuck happened to you?"

"Yeah," Aaron interjected. "Didn't think the fall was that bad."

"Ah well mate," Greg said, slapping my shoulder. "Always next year." I scowled. I was already sick of hearing that phrase. Choir practice had just finished and a group of boys and girls walked out of the music room as we passed. Liam McKenzie was one of them.

"Poofters!" Aaron called.

"At least we win more trophies," Liam retorted snootily. He turned to Kelly and I began to feel quite ill. "Why, hello Kelly, did you enjoy choir this morning?" Kelly was following him, hanging off every word.

"Oh yes!" she gushed. I shuddered.

This was painful. I'm sure Liam was doing this deliberately.

"Hey Kelly," Greg said. "Going to meet lover boy?" I wanted to hit him, but I realised he probably didn't know Kelly and I were over.

"Hi Ryan," Kelly said coldly. "Sorry to hear about your leg."

"Are you coming?" Liam whispered in Kelly's ear. I cringed.

"Of course," She giggled. They walked down the hall together and Liam had his hands all over Kelly's arse.

"Some brush off," Aaron snorted.

"We broke up," I said. "Found out she was cheating on me."

"That blows," Greg sympathised.

"Didn't like her anyway," I mumbled.

"Yeah," Aaron agreed.

With us guys, that's as far as it goes. And it's great.

Suddenly, Tracey Camm walked past with Emma Jameson.

"Look at that ass," Greg whistled.

"I didn't know they were in choir," Aaron said, confused.

"Hi," they both said coldly. They're not big fans of ours. Can't understand why.

"I'm sorry to hear about your leg Ryan," Tracey said snobbily.

"Thanks," I said.

"Welcome," Tracey replied.

"Look," I said lowering my voice. "Tell Kelly that if she wants, I'm prepared to be more loving and attentive. Anything! I'm desperate."

"Hey man, we'll be off," Said Aaron.

"Ok," I replied. "I'll see you later." They nodded in farewell and walked off down the hall.

"Ok, I don't think she'll want to hear it though," Tracey told me. "After all, you have been cheating on her with other girls, obviously."

"What?" I fumed. "I would never do that!" Tracey and Emma exchanged looks.

"She saw you with Lily Shaw at Natalie's party last week," Tracey cut in.

"She's. My. Cousin," I told them, trying to control my temper. "I was trying to stop her from putting out for Jenkins." Tyler Jenkins is a half-back in the first fifteen. He's also one of the biggest players I know. Lily reckons she's in love with him. God knows why anyone would love that motherfucker.

"He's got a point Trace," Emma muttered to Tracey. "Kelly's known for being incredibly deluded."

"Really?" Tracey said.

Emma nodded. "Uh huh. Liam and Chloe Taylor have been dating for like, ever."

"No way! Chloe "Chiquita" Taylor?? Model material Chole Taylor" Tracey exclaimed. She sighed. "Ok, Ryan, we're willing to enlist your help. Just save Kelly from embarrassment. Join the choir. Rival Liam. It's your only hope."

"Aren't you her best friends?" I asked, confused.

"Yeah," Emma said as if she was talking to the world's biggest dumbass. "It doesn't mean we always side with her."

"Especially if she's making a huge mistake," Tracey added. "I don't know, what is it with Kelly and choir boys? She's being such a skank. She must have hooked up with every boy in the choir by now."

This was getting more painful by the second.

"But then again, it's not like it would be hard to be a choir slut," Emma pointed out. "Boys who join choirs only join choirs to get girls anyway."

"Yeah," Tracey agreed. "Do you even know a gay choir boy?" Emma shook her head.

"So choir boys aren't gay?" I asked. They turned around from their private conversation, as if only just realising I was there.

"No way," Emma told him.

"We better go," Tracey said. "See ya Ryan"

"Bye," Emma called over her shoulder.

Join the choir. Rival Liam. It's your only hope.

Then, suddenly, it hit me like lightening. I was going to go against everything I believed in. I, Ryan Wearby, was going to join the choir. It was the only way I would get Kelly back.


Looking around to see if no one could see me, I knocked on the door of the music room.

"Come in," Mrs Raphael called.

"Hey Mrs Raphael," I said. She took off her glasses and looked at me, smiling.

"Good afternoon Ryan Wearby," She exclaimed. "Don't see you much around these parts. What can I do for you?"

"I'd like to join the choir," I said.

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