Letting Me Go

You were always stubborn

Never wanting to listen to what I had to say

Never wanting to understand me

But I still loved you

Somehow or other my soul was still connected to yours

My heart was still entwined within yours

But now; things are different

I've begun to realize the truth

You have to listen to me

I'm not going to let you run away from me again

You can't hurt me like you have in the past

Not today

Never again

You have to let me go

I can't do this anymore

I can't sit here and live my life in your shadow

My pride won't allow it and neither will my mind

I'm not going to be your marionette any longer

I'm cutting my strings away

You have to let me go

I'm not going to sit by and watch you kill me slowly

Not today

Never again

I know that you still love me because I can feel it

I know that I still love you; and it disgusts me

I hate knowing that one part of me wants to disappear;

While the other just wants to be held in your arms

One part that is screaming a release from you;

And another that is yearning for your kiss again

But I have to do it

You're not going to get the best of me

Not today

Never again

You have to let me go

Force yourself to hate me; tell yourself that I am worthless

I know it's hard: I know all to well

Because I already have

A/N: Just a little something I wrote when I was feeling really angsty and hate-filled. I hate it when people try to control over me.