The One Star

By:Andrew Troy Keller

It had happened on Christmas Eve in the year

2991 aboard the starship USS Goodyear,

While it was patrolling the Snobel space

Sector,where the one star within the face

Of the ship shines brightest all year.

Each and every time the ship's commanding

Officer,Captain Jonathan Ridding

Had looked at that one star,he had suddenly

Realized that he would rather be

Back home on the planet Earth and spending

The entire holiday season with his family.

But that wasn't meant to be,

For his crew has been assigned to chart

Each and every star within the heart

Of that one portion of the entire galaxy.

Then suddenly,he realized that Christmastime

Would always be in his heart all the time,

Even if he was no longer on Earth.

That fact alone is at least worth

All the gold on Earth in this present time.