i woke up late

my har was in my eyes

i rolled out of bed

it was 6:49

it felt so good

to sleep the whole night

that's how i can tell

that something went right

i found myself loudly

singing in the shower

knowing that i had school

in less than half an hour

what happend to my cold

it just kinda went away

im cured of my incurable illness!

no wait, i found it, anyway

oh no a math test

i can handle anything

lets see if anyone notices

that im reading "Lord of the Rings"

i can't wait now

to show that i am happy

i dont know how to say it

without sounding too sappy

what happend yesterday

what potion did i drink

what soothed my doubts and fears

and made me able to think

i want some tea

sweet with no lemon

i wanna run down the halls

and scream " i am woman!"

im in an NSync mood

whether its dorky or not

gotta get up and boogey

"i know you'll like this dirty pop!"

alrighty then

i guess this is enough

if i dont listen to the teacher

this test is gonna be tough

to end this now

i will chew my gum

proudly giving wisdom

"chastizing with the valor of my tounge"