it's dark in here

the music is loud

the speaker speaks

his voice is proud

the room is filled

with sorrowed hearts

people whose lives

have fallen apart

i am here now

with a friend that smiles

he makes me think

life is worthwhile

and soon enough

i am on my knees

with my head bowed down

"Lord help me please"

i begin to cry

it doesnt hurt

as i feel my ashes

rise from the dirt

it feels so good

to know you're there

my heart's unbroken

my fears are bare

i forgot you, Lord

how can that be?

what happend to life

and what it did to me?

my hands are warm

and so is my blood

my wrongs,washed away

by your gentle flood

i felt alone

all of those nights

i gave up searching

for your everlasting light

i've no shame

to call you my own

i've no regret

calling Heaven my home

please forgive me, Lord

for i did not see

all the times i ran away never left me