imaginery death

why do you have so much fucking pride?!

under your lies, you are safe to hide

god, i hate you, i hate you so much!

i tighten my grip on the forbidden clutch!

just get away from me, don't take another step

i'll just stand here, and let the rest of my heart drip

why do you do this?! just push me so far away

i can't think at night! i can't even pray!

well fuck you then, just go to hell

were the sinners burn and where the angels fell

i push my foot harder on the imaginery pedal

damn you for this, you deserve a fucking medal

i see the edge now, it's becomming more clear

all this rage inside, has burned away my fear

why do i fall into this?! every fucking time

why do i get stuck, in this angry demon's rhyme?

well forget it now, there's no time to waist

insanity has lingered, pouring out of my face

as i fly through the air and take one more breath

im falling fast, into my imaginery death