Mr. Hyde

Your hand lingers on my face, my leg, my breast

and for now you want me.

Our hot, sweaty limbs entangled in a

web of lies and deceit.

Pretty lies burn on your lips,

crush my heart and take what you came for.

Gasp, tense, release,

and now you're Jekyll again as you head for the door.


Was it good for you?

'Cause then you're the only one.

Was it good for you?

All it feels like is rape 'til you're done.

Was it good for you?

These sheets reek with your deception.

Was it good for you?

And your release is my rejection.

When did I become this person

who sacrifices herself to the beast?

The tenderness and pleasure for him

begins and ends within my crease.

The lies I've told myself,

I thought to be in control meant not to be used.

Yet emptiness is all that I am left with—

No strength to refuse.


I thought this game was supposed to be fun,

But in the end, it was always you who won.

And my bleeding heart just can't take it anymore.