The Sunshine

There's no sun shining through

Not a crack in the door to let it in

The windows have been locked

I'm drowning in my lowly sins


Sick and tired of being a loser

I care no more for being you

I'm falling through nothing

What more do you expect losers to do?


A crack of sunlight seeps in

As the once locked door opens

Returning hope fills the damp air

Removing the stench of failed men


Yet I still stand here regretting my past

The memory that lives inside of thee

If it weren't for me, you wouldn't exist

In my eyes, tell me, what do you see?


The prison has been bathed in sunlight

As the door crashes open with force

The evils hide in the darkest corners

As the light suffocates me from within


My sins magnified in the white light

Dragging me under, to my grave

You're tearing me apart in tiny bits

The sunshine couldn't my pain save


Once again the door slams shut

The light is fading into darkness

This torment is returning to the air

I am once again the dark Goddess


I no longer care to regret you

Instead I live on your dead memory

As the darkness seeps into my soul

You're forgotten, you can't be