The Darkness II

The darkness surrounds us all

Seeping into our faithless souls

Suffocating us from within

We're falling into the darkest hole


Sucked up deeper into depression

The blackness gets darker than ever

All are blinded at just one shot

As they continue falling forever


The blood drips from the wound

Quickly creating a puddle in mud

Brown soaks to red, fades to black

We lay dying in a pool of scarlet blood


Unable to keep up with the past

A million memories flash past our eyes

We're left behind in the memory

As all believe the degrading lies


Our thoughts become an unending circle

Slowly spiraling towards the bottom

Soaked in the darkest, bloodiest evils

We finally land upon bodies so rotten


The stench of our deadly sin fills the air

As the maggots escape from the dead

Devouring us quicker than the light

We too are left to rot as was said


A piercing scream fills the thick air

As an innocent suffers our given price

This is where we have brought mankind

To a death so gruesome, we feel it slice


I stand in the distance watching all fail

Smelling the stench of their sins rise

Where have I come from all this drama?

I'm falling too, breaking all good ties