Lonely House

Oh my dear house,

I will miss you with great honour.

The way that you creak

And squeak

Under the weight of everything contained.

The drafts

The cold

The broken boiler

The dodgy microwave

That seems to emit microwaves

And attempt to give me cancer

Every time I use it.

Oh my dear house,

I cannot imagine how

Lonely you will feel.

Without my parent(s) and I.

(Depending on whether my father is

Away on business

Or not.)

The dark rooms.

The lights on a timer.

The burglar alarm

Waiting for a pin to drop

So that it can go off

In the middle of the night

While we are still away on holiday.

Oh my dear house,

I apologise for needing to leave you.

You are the wonder of my life

You house me

I love thee.

Yet now I must cry

In memory of you.

Farewell dear house.

Don't let the water pipe freeze over.