I Told You

Here I wake,

Alone for my own sake,

Sadness calls,

But you're the one who falls,

Crying only breaks,

And so I shake.

Would you stop it,

Don't make a fit,

My shyness wakes,

Away from all the fakes,

Pretending they know,

When it's all for show.

I know love and hate,

To discriminate,

By and by, I look ate their lives,

They live nothing but lies,

Pretending to be what their not,

When I know what they cannot.

So now you see,

What my life means to me,

I know so much more,

If only I were sure,

What you meant to me,

Not sure what I see.

I need to tell you the rest,

Not that it's the best,

You need to know,

So you don't try to show,

What you never knew,

But I told you.