Fools With Fire.

All the pain of the world was created by a fool.

"Eve" as we call her, the first. But all she wanted was wisdom. Who is the fool? Eve? Or Adam, who was just as blind? Who is the fool? The fool who leads? Or the fool who follows? And so all in the form of Eve are persecuted, made to feel inferior. Prejudice, given the mask of God. We all come from the Earth, and to the Earth, we shall return. Gender holds no meaning. We are all "sinners".

Some virtues are unobtainable.

You cannot tell me what to be. God never told you to do this. You are your own puppet. You do not represent God; you don't work for God, only your own profit. You don't call me a sinner. You have sinned enough for us both, giving God a humanly image.

We associate God with Dogma, and we miss the divinity. We blindly potter about; making sure all is as you think it should be.

Give the divine a face, and it loses its power. Loses its sanity.

How dare you give us a mass produced picture of God to look at? How dare you spread propaganda to poison us? God will speak to me. In a way that fits ME. God made me and you have no right to destroy me.

I came from the Earth, and I shall return to the Earth.

You have no idea what you're doing. You are just a fool with a pack of matches and lighter fluid.

And I'm the pyromaniac.