A/N: Sorry for the line thingys...stupid fictionpress won't let me separate stanzas....

Standing outside in the cold

Gazing at the sky

Somehow I knew, deep inside

I had come to say goodbye

The sun had started going down

The reason I was here

The pretty sky distracted me

From showing you more tears

Wisps of purple mixed with pink

A hint of orange found

The quiet beauty of the sun

Had spread itself around

I couldn't help but think of you

And all you've ever done

You took the love that God gave you

And spread it like the sun

Purple, pink, and orange too

Kindness, love and cheer

God sent you from up above

To show He's ever near

But, now that your sun has set

And we must say goodbye

We won't forget Whose love you gave

For it's painted in the sky

This dedicated to the memory of my beloved Grandmother, who I will forever love and will always miss. A part of me died along with her on that dreary December morning.