The Mask

Beneath the shadows gray she hides

Behind a veil of twisted lies.

She's so unsure, and so confused.

She feels as if she's been misused.

To the world she laughs and shouts.

She smiles and grins and bounces about.

She gives advice, lends her prayers

Lets her friends know she'll always be there.

But inside she's screaming. She wants to cry.

Sometimes, she wonders why she's alive.

She knows they all whisper and laugh when she's there.

They act that they like her. They act like they care.

But she's the one who puts on a show.

How much it hurts, they never will know.

She knows her place and what she should do.

She's there to comfort, and make them smile, too.

But the smile is a mask. A well placed lie.

Behind a curtain of falsehoods she hides.

She's afraid to come out. Afraid to act wrong.

They won't understand, and she'll never belong.

She never complains. She never seems lost.

She knows every answer. She'll help bear any cross.

But all she wants in a shoulder to cry on.

All she wants is a bed she can die on.

The Mask hides her pain, her suffering and tears.

The Mask hides her flaws and her unsteady fears.

The Mask hides her worries about the future and past.

The Mask hides her hatred for herself and her class.

But no one else suffers, it's her that's to blame.

She's failing her classes because of this game.

She thinks she is stupid, and knows it is true.

After all, "potential" means "there's no talent in you."

She always seems touchy, always so stressed.

And further she's leaning over the ledge.

Soon she will plummet and fall to her doom.

Masks and facades this world just consumes.

She wants so badly to let go of this task.

I look at her in pity, I see the mask.

I cry her tears. I, too, long to be free.

I look at the mask, and I'm looking…

At me.