Auschwitz -Birkenau

After they survived the disinfecting Anne, Margot, and Edith were put in a long barracks filled with bunk beds. The barracks was crowded and there was hardly room on the bunks beds. Ten women had to lay on one bun bed. Edith searched the barrack filled with thousands of women trying to find a bed for her daughters. She pushed her way through the crowd of women until she found a bunk that was against the wall.

"Anne! Margot! Quick over here," Edith yelled so she could be heard above the crowd.

Anne and Margot followed their mother to the bunk bed and they crawled on top of it. The two daughters and mother clung to each other in fear and all three wept bitterly. The terrible ordeal they had already been through was nothing compared to what lay ahead for them.

That night Anne fell asleep and she dreamed of her home in Amsterdam and of her friends. She dreamed of the life that she had once lived. But when she woke and found herself in the barracks of Auschwitz her old life seemed like a fairytale that would never come true.

The next morning they were awakened at 4:00 and ordered out to roll call. Anne sat up in the bunk with just a thin and torn blanket for a cover. She rubbed her fingers through her shorn hair and wanted to cry. She, along with Margot and Edith, climbed out of the bed and went outside the barracks along with many other women. They were ordered to line up in rows. Anne, Margot, and Edith lined up with the other women and then came the exhausting two hour standing. Anne clutched her hands in front of her and tried to endure the cruelty. She looked up at the sky and tried to imagine something, anything to get her mind off the torture.

To Be Continued. . .