Puff the Tragic Dragon

Puff the tragic Dragon
Lived by the sea
And frolicked in the Autumn mist
In a land called Honahlee
Puff the tragic dragon lived by the sea
He was always having fun
While high on ecstasy.

Little Jackie Paper
Loved that rascal Puff
Brought him speed and alcohol
And other fancy stuff
Puff the tragic dragon
Found he couldn't cope
The stress it was just piling up
So he started taking dope

Puff the tragic dragon
Couldn't see the point
So he sat down and tried to roll
A real five-skin joint
Jackie threw a benny
On finding Puff's syringe
Told Puff not to go to clubs
Or go out on a binge.

Puff the tragic dragon
On a final high
Crashed into the ground and died
He'd thought that he could fly
The moral of this story
As I'm sure you all know
Is that as fun as drugs can be
They're not the way to go!