I do not fear the night

That covers the sky.

Or the phantom that

Haunts and cry.

I do not fear the silence

That brings deafness.

Or being alone that

Is nothing but loneliness.

I do not fear disease

That slowly conquers.

Or death that ends

All that has luster.

You might think that I am brave

But my poem is not yet in grave

You might think that I'm dauntless

But what I have to say next you'll be clueless

I fear the truth

That I dearly hold.

The one story

I wish not to be told.

One Pandora's Box

I wish to be sealed.

One big secret that

I do not wish to be revealed.

The fact that

Even I could fall.

The truth that I

Could not bear to stand tall.

My fear is to be like everybody

Falling in love with this somebody

I fear this thing they called love

Coz I've tried it once and it ended in sob

I fell so deep

In the quick sand of adore.

It slashed my heart

And I can still feel it sore.

I wanted to go on

But the pain still lingers.

It ached all throughout

Until to the tip of my fingers.

With every breath I take

Reminded me of my past.

With every beating of my heart

Reminded me of that lost trust.

So now I turned into this person

Trying to find reasons

Trying to find a way

Not to fall in love

Even though it will end up in another sob