There is a time, once every five years, presently referred to as the "Leap Year." This break in the chain of days is widely accepted as it simply is. And on this night, on the 29th of February, you may take the time, to gaze into the sky. What may you see? Perhaps the moon in one of its many phases, full, half, quarter. Perhaps it is in the phase that renders the moon dark. Things are set in their ways, as has been from the beginning of time. There is one such set event, our unconsciousness during the final three days of February. The 29th, 30th, and 31st, are a time of sleep.

"Wait a second…that isn't possible" you're thinking, "February only goes as far as the twenty eighth!" This is what we all are to believe. No I speak not of a governmental conspiracy. These happenings were set long before the organized governments of today. As human beings we are never to see those three days, and we almost never do, almost. During this 72 hour period things happen…unnatural things. Many of our legends of old; our "monsters" come from this nonexistent time period. Should we gaze upon the moon, as mortals, during these days numbered three, there is something to be noticed. There is a phrase "Once in a blue moon" it originates from this unnatural occurrence. The common conception is that a blue moon doesn't exist, yet often there is a feeling in the pit of their stomach, something in deepest, darkest recesses of the mind something is triggered. The phase is real enough, it delves we mortal humans into the deepest of sleep, and thank your god for that.

It all started, countless centuries ago, with a man named Taramus. Taramus was as fierce as his insatiable hunger for power. A desire left unquenched, time and time again. He spent much time from his secluded, shut up home, on the balcony, gazing across the city with blood red eyes that gazed as wicked as his hunger. On the rare occasions he ventured into the public he was avoided at all costs. Women shielded their appearance from his wickedness. Guards stepped to the side of his towering and barreled form. Not in a high standing with the pharaoh it was considered borderline blasphemy the amount of jewelry he adorned his figure with.

In his unending quest for power, he began to create a master spell, to engulf all of human kind into a sleep until he finally achieved what he had been reaching for his entire life. To affect the world as a whole, he would need to take control of the lunar body, the moon. The spell would react with each person's aura, catapulting them into an unnatural magical slumber. However, if the effects lasted longer than three cycles of the sun, everyone would fall into an unending coma, until they leave the planet.

With his plans finalized, he brought his proposal to the great council, headed by the Pharaoh himself. He passed to them a threat; deliver a fortune of gold, and throng of slaves, lest he engulf the world into an impenetrable and unending darkness. Naturally, with their faith in their "gods" they balked at the threat, sending their own priests to work to put up whatever defenses they may. They believed their gods would save them, and they were horribly wrong.

After their obviously disregard to his threat, Taramus took action. The great Sphinx would be his platform, and he levitated himself with his great magics amplified by his many tokens and jewels. The Pharaoh witness what was happening, and sent his guards immediately to stop Taramus. He was far too late. The night held with it a bright, full moon. Right before the Pharaoh's eyes, with white celestial body began to glow with a blue haze. Deep, dark, vast sleep took the entire world in almost and instant. The world… save Taramus. The energies put forth to create such a powerful spell caused the great Sphinx to be forever disfigured, noseless.

After some time to recover, Taramus began to pillage the great land as he may. He took all of the gold he had asked for and then some. He could do with slaves later. He then decided to indulge in food and wine for a time, for he was in total control and was completely free. During an exploration of the finest home in all the land, his eyes came upon his next conquest, the virgin daughter of the Pharaoh. It would come as no shock to any who had seen the young woman. She was thought of as the most beautiful in all the world and that had little to nothing to do with thoughts to the contrary being punished by rod and lash. Taramus ravaged the dark-haired innocent, having just come into full fruition of woman hood. He marveled at her curves, her perfect shape, he marveled at having her all to himself. Taramus found himself salivating just thinking of her, and quite pleased to have her.

He noticed, as he was finishing his unspeakable act, something about her changed. She awoke, her aura vastly changed. The spell no longer reacted as it had with everyone else. He quickly took notice to that not being all that had changed. It hadn't taken long before all was complete. One a following day, in the time after Taramus taking advantage of her once again, her heart stopped beating. He worried for his own undiminished lust, and just a bit about the Pharaohs daughter. In his own twisted way…he had taken a liking to her. He began an effort to wake her, and her eyes snapped open rapidly. They had changed from the amber of before, to a shade the same as the dark moon in the heavens. It was Taramus' turn for his heart to stop when she smiled to show long, sharp, needle like canine teeth. Like claws her fingernails dug into his sides and pulled him close. She whispered her first words since new consciousness into his ear,

"The gods have sent their revenge, I am their fury embodied. I am the first of a new breed, and we shall hunt your children's children through the ages Taramus. The Pharaohs gods dispatch you foul human!" At the end she plunged her fangs into his flesh, as he had plunged into her innocence, and drained him just the same. She disguarded his corpse, and walked the night cloaked land.

It was the 30th of February, as we presently refer to it, and the Pharaohs daughter was truly free. Her body uncovered, her soul bared, her desires flourishing. Upon contemplation of her first act, her decision rested upon beginning the new breed, with the perfect man. She had seen him but once, and would never forget his perfection. His sleek form blistering through the city, easily evading the guards, his long white cloak trailing desperately behind his breakneck speed was to be admired. For just a moment she caught a glimpse of a reflection. She focused for a moment, and saw a spider, the size of his forearm, made of onyx. A ruby in the shape of an hourglass on its end, and the fangs long sized blades, stained crimson. She had to catch her breath as his emerald green eyes caught her own. The leader of the rogue guild, the underground thieves of Egypt, called only Spyder. His men had been flourishing for better than half a decade, and was quite a pain to Pharaoh, and the only man ever not caught by his guards.

She found her sense of smell amazing as she walked through the bazaar, and thought of him. The crystal clear picture of his face formed within her mind, and before she knew what was happening, he was before her, slumbering peacefully, magically. The choice was made, and she indulged. It was time to change him, as she had been changed. His aura, changed. His physical being, did not. As he awoke, her instincts took over. She smiled at him, and he was more than a slight bit confused. It wasn't enough that the daughter of the Pharaoh was on top of him, but she had fangs! As sensuously as she could she handed down to him his fate.

"You will join me Spyder, you will join me in my fate" she whispered, and softly pierced his neck flesh, draining his life blood. He grasped his chest as his heart instantly stopped and he fell back against the bed. By the next morning, he would be as she is. As the sun rose on the next day, he awoke still clutching his chest, still with no heart beat. He was dead, but alive, and he hungered, he craved blood…human blood. The Pharos daughter stared at him for long moments, her gaze returned by Spyder. She rose from the bed, ventured to a window. Her thoughts were to enjoy the pale sunlight on what we now call March the 1st. As she opened the shutters, the instant the light touched her, her skin burned to ash. She shrieked, and was taken by the wind.

Spyder was beside himself. He rested in utter disbelief of what had occurred. In a matter of hours he had woken up to being inside the Pharos daughter, was changed into some sort of monster by her, and died a monster herself.

He stayed in the house until night once again befell the land. And with night, came the need for blood. He ventured out, with more stealth than all his skills had ever provided, and fed. Leaving the corpses to lye in the street, he made for a well known Priest. Well know indeed, for her magic. She was the last to leave his hunger fulfilled. She would not turn as he had from the Pharaoh's daughter, she would die. With her blood brought power, power the likes of which Spyder had never dreamed of. He arose from the ground, clamped shut his eyes and roared to earsplitting decibels. He disappeared easily into the shadows as the people of the town came to discover the priestess dead in her own home, devoid wholly of blood.

Thus describes the beginning, and as the legends descended, it has come in English to be known as a monster. He was the beginning of the "fairytale", the "monster", Vamypre.