I'm sitting here and thinking of you

It's quarter to two and I'm alone.

The buzzing of the dial tone

reminds me of those nights.

Dark warm and deep

like the secrets I'd keep

and the way you wished them upon you.

It was something I just couldn't do

Though now I wish I did

This has all been stupid.

What did you mean when you said "goodbye"?

Even the brightest of stars can die.

Is that what you meant?

When you said "perfection".

Heaven-sent was this infection.

Lying, it seemed, in the hand of God.

I had never felt that

But you never knew that.

You just dreamed away you day

And I would pray that I was there.

Do you still carry me?

In all those dreams, what do you see?

Maybe I lied when I said "goodbye."

But even the brightest of stars can die.

Just push it out of sight

I might have done the same

I'm tired of playing this game.

The nice-to-meet-you mirror.

He doesn't have your face.

It seems I can't replace.

Those eyes, those lips, that soul I love.

There it is, I said it.

And no, I don't regret it.

I regret my indecision.

Could we take back our last goodbye?

You are my star. I won't let you die.