Note: This was written by my son, age 10.5, for a tall tale unit in his English class.

Chow-Sing-Bing and the Forest Dragon

In ancient China, there was a dragon tamer named Chow-Sing-Bing. In his lifetime he changed people's views of many tricky dragons, but he never had such a troublesome case as he did with the forest dragon in Six Mile Village. This swift trickster had been doing immense damage to the surrounding towns, leaving destruction everywhere in its path. Chow knew that dragons wouldn't attack humans without a good purpose, unless, of course, they were evil. Due to this fact, set out to find out why it was attacking people before someone killed it.

First, he decided to set a food trap. He put lotus flowers in a rope noose, in hopes that it would come out to eat them. To his surprise, the dragon only sent out its long green vines to grab them.

Since his first trap didn't work, he had one choice left. After gathering some volunteers from the surrounding towns, he assembled his trap. It consisted of a slender rope noose to slip on the dragon's foot, and a trigger rope that reached into the village hostel. Then he told the volunteers to burn the tree in front the hostel while it was still standing. This angered the great beast so much that it didn't even think of sending its vines to kill them. Instead, it came and breathed its poisonous breath on them, killing them instantly.

Chow sprung his trap! The noose tightened around the dragon's foot. Chow, still holding the end of the rope, dashed out the front door, just in time to be carried away by the departing dragon.

That dragon and Chow elegantly landed deep in a forest of bamboo, where the dragon started cooing softly. This strange behavior puzzled Chow until two baby dragonets appeared from the bushes and nuzzled the dragon. Then Chow realized that this dragon was a mother and might be protecting her young. Suddenly, he heard a crashing sound coming from behind him. He remembered that there was a logging company nearby, and that they had filed the complaint against this dragon.

He ran toward the sound while shouting, "Stop chopping this bamboo and the dragon will stop attacking!" After explaining why she would stop, he told them to tell their boss.


Chow used his award money to build a lotus pond in the clearing made by the loggers. After this, the dragon of Six Mile Village was never seen again.