The Elementals

In The Beginning

The history of the Elementals goes way back, as far back as the ancient times. It all started when the great gods of old created the four elementals, Fire, Wind, Lightning, and Ice (or Water). Each person would possess the ability to use these elements at will. Usually, the elementals would be strong blooded youngsters. Yet, as soon as they reached a certain age, their abilities dissipated. Not too long after, another generation would be born. Each would grow into their abilities, using them for the good of the world. The gods intended that there would only be four elementals out in the world at the time, no more, no less. The elemental children would never be criticized for the ability, but be up held in everyone's prayers. This only led to their destruction.

Yet, like all good things, the Gifted had begun to be resented by all. It is human nature to despise anything abnormal, even if it was from the gods. The children were no longer being held up in everyone's mind and prayers, no, far worse. They were hated and despised, and often plotted against. The gods soon learned that this was getting out of hand and that they would have to do something about it. So, they stopped bestowing the Gifts on the Chosen Ones. Thus, the world was sent into chaos and disorder. The actions of the gods brought about unbalanced universe. This was a dire mistake that the gods had made, a very dire mistake.

The decisions of the almighty gods not only destroyed the history or legend, which ever may fit, but they also destroyed themselves. The gods fell out of the minds of all men and women. These dear people began to follow other religions and testimonies. The gods were angered, but they could do nothing. Without the prayer of the people, they were powerless. The small messages they had sent with a stray follower never made an impact on anyone. Their trek was meaningless, so they sent for the evil goddess. The gods only enemy, Charna, Goddess of Shadows and Illusions. She was still prayed to, because she was who they called Sataness. She had a whole religion to herself and a whole band of followers.

The gods begged her for some of her power, just enough to make a new generation of Elementals. She gave it to them only if they promised to let her bestow a power on each. The mighty gods of good made the agreement with a lie. They created their Elementals, but allowed her not to bestow a Gift on a single one. She was very vexed with her brothers and sisters that she created her own Gifted Child, whom had control over the Shadows. This once again, made the universe unbalanced. It was unnoticeably out of balance, therefore the gods overlooked it. Charna laughed and giggled to herself and was happy that her little evil Child would be out to kill her brothers' and sisters' dear Elementals.

Her Child would be worshiped by all her followers and would listen to him. They would obey him and not defy his wishes. Her Child would be obedient to her and her alone. Yes, she was happy with what she had done. At this time, the other gods had noticed what was happening. They finally realized their second dire mistake, which was not letting Charna grace the Chosen Ones with a gift a piece. The gods were unhappy with what they had done and wished that they had been nice to Charna and let her do what she pleased. Yet, they did not and that was a very awful mishap that they couldn't fix. This had been their only chance to regain followers, but with the threat of Charna's Elemental, that would never happen, especially if that Elemental was stronger than their very own Chosen Children.

The gods had finally succeeded in gathering followers, but the fate of the Elementals was close at hand. So to deceive the Shadow Elemental, the gods destroyed their Elementals. Each god and goddess decided to make a new Elemental for each generation, like before. Yet, each time the Shadow Element was near, or had injured one of the Elementals, the gods would take away the power of the current group of elementals. Thus, the Dark Years for the humans started. The battles between the Shadow Elemental and the Good Elementals began. Many humans were hurt during these battles, yet the gods continued to create and destroy their Elementals.

The humans were angry with the gods, wondering why this harsh punishment had come upon them. The answer was simple; it was to protect the lives of all creatures. Yet, the humans were still angry. They did their very best to kill both sides. Once, they succeeded. Thus the Peace Age had arrived. Charna was still very vexed at her kin, but didn't continue her raids. She had been satisfied with her doing, until the Greater gods decided to create their Chosen Ones once more. She decided she would do the same, except this time, was the last time her kin would make the Chosen Idiots. She was going to rid herself the Greater gods and their pesky Elementals, and put herself on the throne with her Son (Her Chosen One would always be male).

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