The runes of old were used to tell the future. Now, they are used to go between the worlds, to unlock the mysteries of the different worlds. Only a few can use them, only a few can travel the worlds of old. Runes guard the nine worlds, some only one, others more. One from each generation, from each world, may travel after the old Realm Traveler has died. To have such a position is to be honored and protected by the magics of the realm.

It has been many years since a Realm Traveler has been discovered in the realm of Midgard. More than a few centuries have passed since anyone from that realm has traveled. The people of that world had forgotten that any other place existed, looking to the stars for other live. They could have just looked in a small town, where a young girl lived. She was the next Realm Traveler of her time. If she lived, anyways.

The Norns had chosen her at birth; even Skuld had agreed that she was the one. Now all that had to happen was for the girl's mind to wake beyond what she saw with her own eyes. The child wouldn't know what happened when it did.

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