Amil of Alfheim sat at the table, looking at the trolls across the room. They couldn't tell what race he was, due to the over sized cape he was wearing.

Where were those two? They had sworn that they would be here, and he needed the information. Eleanor was going to hear from him, and it wasn't going to be a nice, brother to sister chat. She had to start to teach those two apprentices of hers how important being on time was!

Just then, Amil saw two trolls approach him. His hand slid onto his sword; knowing that if the illusion spell failed, he was a goner. Just as the young elf lord was about to draw, he noticed the smirk on the trolls' faces were remarkably similar to the two elven boys' he was waiting for. Amil rolled his eyes at the two boys, deciding to let them think that they were being clever.

"Well, did you get the information we were looking for?" he asked, surprised at how rough his smooth voice sounded.

"Yeah, we got it. The prince is in Jotunhiem. The ice giants have him." Amos said, always the more serious of the two.

"Yeah, and it looks like they aren't planning on letting him go anytime soon. The fortress is well fortified and even if we did have allies in the other realms, they might not be so willing to help. I tried to sneak into it, but I encountered some sort of a barrier." Amis said, looking discouraged.

"Damn! If only my cousin weren't so damn pig headed! We might have avoided all of this if he hadn't decided that the dare Loki made was more important than his own safety - what are the two of you rolling your eyes at?" Amil said, glaring at the two young elves.

"Oh, nothing." They said in unison.

Just then, one of the trolls walked over to them. He looked like he wanted something, but you could never know with trolls.

The three elves in disguise unconsciously slipped their hands to their daggers. Luckily for them, it seemed to go unnoticed. The troll that had approached pulled up a chair to their table and sat, his stench smelling of rotten meat and onions wafted through the air as his breathing became heavy.

"You boys seem a little secretive, if ya get me drift. What clan are you three from, any ways? I haven't seen your like, and I'm a well traveled troll." The troll asked, eyeing them as alien creatures.

"We don't want trouble. We're just passing through for the moment." Amil said, signaling the two younger elves to be silent and let him do the talking.

"You still haven't answered my question, damn you! And if you think that your blade craft can save you, you better think again! Me and my pals have you out numbered at least five to one, easily. If you think you're fooling anyone with that illusion spell, you must be mad! We can see right through it! Die you arrogant elf!" The troll yelled in anger, lunging for them, his hands like claws.

The three elves acted with smooth grace, moving in unison. Amil was in the center, Amis and Amos at either side, swords drawn, glittering in the dim tavern light. Amil dropped the illusion spell, deciding that this masquerade had gone on long enough.

The trolls took a step back unwillingly as they eyed the elfin blades. They were not just any sort of blades; they were the three missing talons of the red dragon, Dagnir. Famous throughout the three mortal lands, the wielders were not to be taken lightly. The trolls were now having second thoughts about attack, but they weren't given a choice to forfeit. The elves took advantage of the hesitation and commenced striking first.

In about five minutes, the tavern was an empty puddle of blood. The elves were now running, hoping to escape the discovery of village trolls before they could reach the gateway. They didn't even bother to wipe the gore from their swords as they kept them unsheathed.

Just in sight of the portal, the boys heard the sound that they were dreading - the ringing of metal swords being drawn. It was an ambush.

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