"I tell myself I don't need you, I tell myself enough to get through."

You stole my heart when you told me I was beautiful,

and I never wanted it back.

Maybe I was just the latest in a string of broken

hearts left behind. You run away, vicious words

trailing along at your heels.

You think I'm joking, you think I'm lying

you think and you're wrong.

Your honey sweet words that you had

finally convinced me to believe, I guess

you never meant what you said.

I'll tell myself that this storm of yours' will pass

but something tells me that you've already moved on

and that I'll never matter to you again.

You should have heard my heart

when you said you "felt the same way."

You should have caught the tears

I held back today, as I gazed outside

the foggy window into the rain.

Falling so heavy that I almost believed

they were snowflakes.

I almost believed you,

you almost had me there.

With your "people change" line

and witty ways of tricking my

easily manipulated faith in others.

Oh, why am I lying to myself?

You had me and you still do.

There's the truth, bare for everyone

to see even though you don't want

a soul to know, because then maybe it

would be easier to mistreat my feelings.

And perhaps I should be immature and

stupid for once in my life, and be cruel.

But I can't, that isn't me. Just like popularity

and endless monotonous voices of singers that

can't really sing aren't me.

You said, "you didn't know

me well enough."

You're right,

I don't know you.

What happened to the person I knew?

(I want you back)