Mafe Menuag The Elf

Chapter 1

I may have been an ordinary girl in Ainrw, but I was born in a whole other world. This world was called Majoz. I'm an Elf. I live in Ainrw for now. I pretend to be a human girl that has no powers. My Elvish name is Dnugqazz Mafe Menuag, but down here on earth, well my name is Mafe Allan Flint. Sound like a boy name, well it is. We pronounce it Mafie, though normally I just go by Fie. I live with my adopted human parents, John and Tracy Flint, on Ainrw.

"Mafe! Time to get up!" My stepmother bellowed up the stairs into my room.

"Coming…ish," I moaned as I rolled over on my cot, my almond toffee hair flying across my pillow.

"NOW!!!" She screeched.

"Alright I'm coming!!"

"Master James is here to walk with you to school, dear," My mother's words began to drip with honey.

'Great! The school snob is here to annoy me!!' I muttered in my mind as my caramel colored eyes rolled in annoyance.

Then with a sudden yank of the blinds done by someone, I quickly shut my eyes against the bright light. Again I moaned, this time not with annoyance or tiredness or anything like that. I felt my power drain from me as if I'd just used it.

"Fie, How'd you do that?" My baby sister, Kay, quietly murmured from my doorway.

Sometimes I hated my power, my over sensitive ears, and my way to good eyesight.

"What, Kay?" I sighed taking my pillow off of my face and kicking off my blankets.

"That!" She pointed to my window.

I glanced over to the window. The blinds were wide open and my window open. 'Oops!' I mentally kicked myself for my stupidity.

"What's wrong with the window, Kay?" Climbing out of bed I stumbled over to my vanity.

"Nothing Mafe. Mom's calling me. Got to go!" With that she took off running down the halls.

Sitting down in front of my mirror I studied the girl looking back at me. She had a pale complexion, almost exactly as that of the elves that I read about in my books. The girl before me had a slightly smaller face than that of a human. Her hair was all about her shoulders in shiny strings. Her hair was the color of almond toffee, her favorite candy. Carefully, I tucked my hair behind my ears. This was the really odd part about me, my ears were even pointed, the same as the elves in my books. Gracefully, I put my hair into a ponytail, making sure as to cover up my ears.

Quiet as a cat. I couldn't walk loud even had I wanted to, that was another Elvish characteristic that I had. I slipped down the stairs even quieter than normal and ran into a young man who now happened to be spiraled out on top of me because we had rolled. A maid had been leading him.

"Pardon me!! I'm so sorry!!" I muttered, my cheeks a flaming red.

" It's alright ma'm, I mean oeyn highness," He bowed low.

" Sir you must have the wrong person because my name is…" He cut in.

"Dnugquazz Mafe Menuag, mistress. Now pardon me I must be on my way," He bowed again and all of the sudden he was gone, marching off down the hall.

" Wait sir!!" I called after him. "Please! Tell me how you knew my first name and why you called me Princess and Minuage… ag…gie…thing."

"Pardon me Princess but I can not stay and talk to oey. I'll visit oeyn room later. I promise, now I must be going. Oey know that oeyn father cannot stand waiting for long. Now I must hurry!" With that he left as though he had a whole herd of killer dogs after him.

'My father was the head of things here? That's odd, he always told me that I was his Princess but that he was only a lonely janitor.' I stared at the ground as I pondered what my father had always told me. ' "Fie there is something that I need to tell you, you know that you are my princess, right?" "Yeah…" "Well I'm only a lonely human janitor. One day something will happen that will take you from your mother and me. Then on that day will you understand what I speak of now, my precious princess." This must be the day that father meant! But what am I suppose to understand? That I'm a true real Princess?! But that's just… crazy… I'm just a human… aren't I?… aren't I?… I must be… I'm no Princess,… that man must have had me mistaken for someone else! Yes that must be it. I must've just reminded him of some random Princess. But Princess of where? And where am I? I'm deffinely not home!'

"Oey! Oey murrma lnir! Do oey know how long Lamafywrin and I have been looking for eoy?" A lady with jet-black hair and deathly pale skin stepped out in front of me.

Her eyes were the lightest blue that anyone could get and they were ice cold! She must've been over six feet tall!!! She was huge! And looking quite fearsome with a bow strapped to her shoulder, to extremely large swords strapped crisscross on her back. Then she had a long green velvety cloak to go with it. Her eyes, appearance, and posture all held a hint of danger to them; this lady was one to be feared. The dagger on her belt almost secured my fear for her.

"Lamafywrin!! Mafe is over here! She looks like she has just been hit by lighting!" The jet-black lady hollered over her shoulder. "Are oey okay?" She murmured gently to me her eyes taking on more friendly attire.

"Yes why?" I muttered back, snapping out of my trance.

" Oey just looked like I was about to hit Oey."

"Mafe!!! I'm going to kill oey! Don't ever give me that type of scare again!!! I don't want to be the one to explain to oeyn father if oey go missing!!!" A tall man of about the same height came barreling over to me.

"Yipe!!" I screamed and bolted for the door.

Suddenly the ice lady stood in front of me, "Where are oey going? What is wrong? Don't you know who we are?"

With a slight shake of my head she stared at me.

"Who are you?" I questioned very frightened by the look on her face.

"I am Gaoi Ginui Bummoi. This young man is oeyn nephew, Lamafywrin. Oey are Mafe (Ma, short a, f, just f. Maf.) Menuag, Dnumquazz of Knuxheep. I'm oeyn sister-n-law. Mafemiz's wife. Is this ringing any bells?"

"Yeah, but it would help if you spoke in the common tongue." I announced confused enough that I might have started chasing my tail, as a dog would've.

"Alright, I am Gaoi. This is oeyn nephew, Lamafywrin. Oey are Mafe Menuag, Dnumqazz of Knuxheep, Princess of Knuxheep. I'm oeyn brother's wife. Oeyn brother is Mafemiz, Dnumqa of Knuxheep, Prince of Knuxheep. Did that make any sense?" She looked a tad bit hopeful.

"Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!" I ran from the room, out the door, through the gardens and finally made it into a dark hiding corner.

"Hello?" a deep male voice murmured as I realized that I was sitting atop a person.

"Oops! Sorry!" I yelped jumping off of him.

"Princess?" His voice held a note of caution.

"No… um, my name is Lorianya, call me Anya. Your name is?" I cautiously ablidged. "You wouldn't happen to have a short knife or sword of any type would you?"

"Why? I can't just give it to oey, it could mean my life or death," He gently yet firmly shoved me off of him.

"Right! Sorry," I got up and started to walk off.

"No wait! Sure oey can use it, if oey promise not to hurt me. Agreed?"

"Yes, I promise."

"Alright then. Here," he slid it out of the scabbard.

"Thank you, now please turn around," I stated firmly.

"Why?" his voice full of suspicion.

"I promised not to hurt you and I plan to keep that promise. All I ask is that you turn around, please?"

Slowly he turned around. A careful as I could I brought the sword up to my hair and swiftly cut it off at chin length. When my hair cutting was finished I let him turn around, but stayed out of the light. Silently I handed him his sword back.

"Thank you!" I muttered.

"Oeyn welcome!" He slid the sword back into its sheath.

"I've got to go. Bye!" I turned to leave but was met by another warm hard muscled body.

"Pardon me!" I yelped.

"Relax it's just me."

"Oh, how'd… why'd… what do you want?"

"Will oey allow me to be oeyn protector and oeyn guide?"


"I have a feeling that oey'na not telling the entire truth. Don't worry I trust oey fully. I just need to find out what and who oey truly are. Are there people after oey?"

"No. Well, maybe I don't know. I just wanna get out of here!"

"Alright, but we leave at dawn. Ok?"

"Fine. What languages do you speak?"

"Common, Kunxheepuig, and last but not least, don't kill me but I also speak… Pnifeg."

"What's Peenie… pennife…"

"Pnifeg? It means dragon in the common tongue."

A look of pure shock crossed her face.

"Don't tell anyone, please!"

"Alright but only if you teach me Knuxheepian, and are there elves around this world?"

"Yes, are we not an example of that?"

"True, Qig ha zrinr geh" (Can we start now?")

"Io! When ever!"

A word from the author: If you ever see the word oey or oeyn that means you or your. So just to let you know. If there are any questions as to language and such just send me an e-mail or whatever and I'll tell you.

Lego (Yes Lego Lorien is my real name)