I took off my makeup
slowly unclasped my necklace
removed all the jewelry
a glance at the mirror
crawled into bed
and I cried
I cried because
my world is falling apart
I cried because
there is nothing I could do about it
I cried because
I did not know what else to do
I cried because
without the make-up
without the jewelry
without the clothes
I could see my true self
a scared, timid coward
I cried because I felt empty
even with the make-up
the jewelry
and clothes
I cried and continued to cry
because I could not stop
I did not think I could ever stop
until sleep slowly overtook
my tired, worn self
as the sky showed vibrant pinks and reds
The next morning
not long after the sleep overcame me
I stood staring at my eyes in my mirror
my red, puffy eyes
with one look
anyone could tell
I had been crying
it doesn't stop me from beginning
to put on my make-up
then the jewelry
and finally the clothes
looking at my reflection
deep down
I knew
this was not me
But it didn't stop me
from walking out that door
it never did