A dream
I walked along slowly
down a dirt path
trees on one side
a lapping lake on the other
The sky is dark
and only interrupted by the glowing crescent moon
white fabric is draped over me in shapely folds and graceful curves
It clings to my small body
and the mound upon my middle
inside a life moves
I was not afraid as I walked along
the dark path
enjoying the slight breeze
the rustling of the grass
and my dress
crickets are heard in the distance
the night is still
and calm
I am startled -look
it is my eldest sister
so relax as she grabs my hand
she smiles and leads me along
the path
I am not afraid
But no
I am stopped,
as my mother and twin grab my other hand
they smile and pull me from where I can
my eldest sister pulls again
towards the path ahead
but I cannot go
I am conflicted
But then my father appears in view
he bends and holds my ankle,
swiftly lifts me off the ground
he pulls me towards the woods
now dark and eerie and alive
my mothers parents
arrive to support her
but move to pull my other leg
towards the ocean
I cannot move
I am trapped
Behold my friend
she appears above my head
and smiles down on me
I beg her help as the pulling begins to hurt
she caresses my check
and strokes my hair
her hand tangles in teh dark locks and pulls
trying to take me from them all
but simultaneous
bringing tears to my eyes
I cannot think
I am lost
The tears trail down
as a dark figure appears
dressed in a long and flowing cloak
not too different from my own
he comes forward with a knife
he reaches in and pulls out
the life from inside
the life- dark and abnormal
he throws it into the air
where is cahnges into a large winged beauty
its body a womanly form
all in perfection
She spreads her arms
and opens her mouth
I cannot breathe
I am in awe
My eldest sister
mother and twin
and friend
they drop my limbs
I tumble down
to the ground
I cannot move
I am hurt
The life begins a song
as sweet and precious
her notes then turn sour
and her song a dreadful wail
I cover my ears
and eye shut in pain and fear
The dreadful cry stops suddenly
and slowly I drop my hands
from my ears and open my eyes
I'm standing alone on a barren plain
dark, dry and cold
My now naked form shivers
in the cool breeze
A dark, bare tree looms overhead
and I full moon shine through
I hang my head
and collapse
I cannot stop crying
I am lost
and forgotten