The room spins softly

as I lie still on my full-sized bed

atop the dark and dirty sheets

I breathe

and wait

for all of it to stop moving

close my eyes

make it worse

up the speed some more

the colors are blurring

and the walls are caving in

the floor

it melts below me

into what I do not know

But I

I am still

and silence

and I wish for this no more

My head inside

it screams

but quiets as the pain,

the throbbing grows much stronger

than any thought I've made

and my chest

it heaves

to gain this blessed air

my throat is raw from cries unvoiced

my eyes are rough from tears unshed

My body aches for what it does not know

my soul for a balanced peace

that cannot be

the room never stops moving

and the pictures have fallen down

The light

it flickers

stings my sight

and blinds me once more


the shiftless air cries against my ears

and does not caress my shivering hair

though dull and neat it is

my fingers want to grasp


within my reach

but my arms

they have grown solid

a statue of living flesh

my mind is now



by these sights

and it cries for help

but my voice dies within my broken throat

when will the room stop spinning

when will the air stop ringing

with the brightness and vibrations

when will my heart stop hurting

along with heart and mind

when will I find this peace

I wished to gain

by lying on my full-sized bed

as the room began to spin