What is it that you hope to accomplish

by saying those things

and treating me like that

why is it that you are trying to make me upset

to anger me

and make me explode

why do you do these things

when you know what I will feel

deep inside

when you know that I will

be hurt

be sad

so why are you trying to

infuriate me

terrorize me

and make me want to scream

and yell

and want to hurt something


but in the end

I only hurt myself


and I only

bottle it all up inside

until my heart wants to explode

at me

at you

at everything

but I don't

I never do

and you know that

I know that

so why do you do this

and try to get me to do my worst

to do the unknown and the unthinkable,

the impossible

the anger never goes anywhere

only onto myself

until it festers

and rots

deep within

and I die slowly

because of the anger you placed in me

and I cannot rid of it myself

why did you do this?

why do you wish to see me explode

at you

cause I won't

I never do

and you know that