I want to hurt you so much you can't even scream

Make you cry so hard and lose all your self-esteem

I want to take your heart and smash it into red dust

To let you rely on me then just break your trust

Make you feel entirely alone and broken down

To turn your beautiful smile into a tragic frown

Hurting so bad your eyes can't make any more tears

That finally everything bad came true, all your fears

Right now I hate you more than anything ever before

I wish I could call you a stupid bitch, idiot and a whore

I want to take a knife and shove it into your heart

Maybe even take a chain saw or axe and cut you apart

Because you say I can trust you and I know I can't

You lie to me, act better and treat me like an ant

You say you'll stop the pain and you never do

Not that hard, but you have no self-control, do you?

Guess what, I hate you so much right now

But yet, I still love you, I just don' t know how.