The Spirit of the Flu Season Comes to Town

Tis the season of love and joy

Sniffles, headaches, sneezes, too;

Atmospheric delight in toys

Mass-marketing scheme—too true; too true.

We might not get a white holiday

Gift of global warming from us!

But we're free from work so let's call it a day!

For ninth graders in Washington; so not.

Happy faces light the streets

Of the mall—buy more, buy more!

Friends with everyone you meet

Footsore, Mommy, Footsore!!

But…I guess the whole thing isn't so bad

Besides the constant 103 fever.

At any rate…you can't be too sad

When the spirit infects all you non-believers.

So, if it must infect you and dispel old Scrooge,

So be it, you fools, so be it!

If sickness be heavy and hearts be huge…

Bring it; Bah Humbug; bring it!

You can call the stuff by any name

Good cheer, my friends, good cheer!

But the contagious spirit's still the same…

Flu season's here!!

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