Let Us Not Forget by writerforever

Outside the snow is falling

It's almost a Holy night tonight

For tonight is the night before Christmas

It is almost the night that Jesus Christ was born

In a manger was He born for there was no room in the Inn

People are running about getting their last minute gifts

People are thinking

Thinking of all the many things they must get done

"Christmastime will soon be here. We must hurry!" they say

They say this as they run

As they run in and out of stores grabbing this and that

All that is on their minds is how much they've got to do

They've got to buy the presents

They've got to cook the turkey

They've got to bake the cookies

But through all the hustle and bustle

Through all the confusion

They forget to pray

They forget to thank Jesus for coming into the world

They forget to thank Him for coming into this world

So that we all could have true life

They sing the carols "Oh Holy Night"

They sing "Away In A Manger"

But they don't really listen to the words

They don't listen to the beautiful words of the songs

Let us not forget about Jesus in this festive and busy time

Let us teach our children

That Christmas isn't about opening gifts

That it isn't about Santa Clause and his reindeer

But that Christmastime is about the most precious gift of all

And that gift is Jesus

Jesus is our gift

Let us tell the stranger on the street

Let us tell everyone that Jesus was born on this day

That He loves them

Let us tell them He wants to give them a special gift

That gift is eternal life

And ask them not to forget the true meaning of Christmas