The Wilting Flower

The wind blows softly in the afternoon sun.

The birds chirp loudly as the have some fun.

I see dark clouds signaling gloom.

They'll bring an end to this lovely afternoon.

I sit in the grass holding a flower.

It will be wilted in another hour.

I lay it in the grass so that it's near;

Hoping that you will come over here.

I know it's improper to think such thoughts,

But I wouldn't do it if it were for naught.

I know you want this as well as I do.

Come for this flower. Come for it soon.

The clouds have now covered the sky,

And I see my life sliding on by.

For years I have waited, how much longer will it be

For you to ask this question of me?

It's not that hard and it is for the good.

So please stop hiding under your hood.

I want the clouds to move away,

So we can see the light of day.

I've said many of these words before.

I've said these words from my very soul's core.

Pick up this flower before it wilts,

And see from there what we have built.