Letting Go is a Must

I hate the fact you're paranoid.

I hate the way you make me cry.

I hate being sheltered,

And being treated like a 7-year-old on a Saturday night.

I want to be respected.

I need to have your trust.

I want to be paid for the things that I've done.

It is a need, it is a must.

You say you are protecting me.

You say it's for my own good.

But you haven't heard what he's said to me.

You think I'm just a fool.

You have only watched a little,

And you've listened even less.

If you would let up a moment,

You would relieve much of your stress.

Pay attention more closely.

You once went through a similar thing.

Just slightly different, but enough for you to see;

What happened to you, has not happened to me.

Leave me alone for a while,

Just to see how I do.

I've listened to you quite a bit.

I wish you would listen to me, too.

We used to get along just fine,

Until I met this man.

Suddenly, you're afraid I've grown up,

And it makes you very sad.

You have to let go someday.

I think it's about time now.

For even you were released.

Look how that's turned out.