Amethystdawn: This poem was inspired by my drawing of a dancing yet bleeding puppet made out of different human parts all grotesquely stitched together. This is dedicated to Jill, a close friend of mine who had the honor of naming my beloved creation. Please review; I want to know if you like this, my first "horror" poem. (Actually, it's not that horrifying but what other genre can it be?)

As the curtain rises, the audience anticipates the creation about to be unveiled. The host for the evening walks to the center of the stage, ready to make his introduction. The crowd hushes as he begins to speak: Ladies and gentlemen, if you all please, clap your hands together for Nina, the doll-child!

Nina, the doll-child

Nina the doll-child

Is such an amazing feat

She's like a puppet without strings

A plaything with teeth

Nina the doll-child

She's so life-like

You might mistake her

For a little tyke

Nina the doll-child

You'll suddenly notice

Has the blonde hair

Of your dear niece

Nina the doll-child

She's blessed with blue eyes

Like the ones of the small boy

Whom you had close ties

Nina the doll-child

To your horror

Has the skin

Of your daughter

But Nina the doll-child

Is still incomplete

Perhaps she'll get you

Or your pretty feet…

Amethystdawn: So how do you like it? The italic part up there, by the way, is only an introduction. It's not part of the poem. Anyway, I want to wish you all a "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!" :) Oh, and does anyone know how to get rid of the double spacing in Fictionpress? Especially when you're editing and posting? I really don't want huge spaces everytime I press the "enter" button. Please help me...

Just-a-Note: Actually Nina, in my drawing is complete already. She's made up of all kinds of skin colors. Her face has stitches running across & down it and basically she's chopped-up children's parts pieced together like those rag dolls. In my mind, she dances a never-ending ballet in an old condemned theater, brought to life by the tortured souls of the ones she's made out of and forever bleeding out their pain…