Hi I'm pleiadian princess.This is my first poem called war soldier.I do have writing experince with hope you reveiw and enjoy.

'Bloody Battle'

The red blood that symbolizes life stains the battle field.

The smell is terrible.

Ghost of the dead haunt the living.

Life and life are in the balance.

Guns and battle cries can be heard in the destance.

The bloody war god Mars wages war on the people.

The brave men go into battle fearlessly.

People are homeless.

Poverty struck the people of the country.

People are driven by the war god Mars himself.

Mars god of war please stop.

Guardian angels come to the rescue.

Some may never see their beloved mate ever again.

These soldiers give everything.

Wining may not be the price they seek.

Life and the things they believe in are what they seek.

Peace is worth more than rare gold.

The blood and battle scars are good luck in battle.

The war may never end,but mortal lives will.

War is human nature.

War is a meaningless battle into underworld of Pluto.

Lives are taken without reason just because the war god Mars is mad.

Why Mars why?

Please stop this meaningless man slaughter.

Oh please Mars I beg of you for our children.

We want a nice life full of peace and love is that hard to ask for?

It might in time or bloody war.

Please gods of the universe make it stop now!

Bloody war go away please never come back.

I hope you like my poem.Please reveiw.