Forever Sea

I see before me

A bellowing sea

A marvel of marvels.

But just not for me.

Far too big for the unwary.

I stand on the rocks.

The wind through my hair.

The spray on my face.

I haven't a care . . .

Yet I can't stay.

Why can't I stay?

Why do I have to keep going?

Do I have to go where

the wind keeps billowing?

Why can't I stay?

Why can't I stay?

Below my feet

The rock erodes.

I know I can't stay.

I abide by natures codes,

the ones that I can't break.

The sea keeps going.

Goes on forever.

How can I possibly be happy there?

There are far too many endeavors.

Why can't I stay?

I have to go. I know I do.

Then why don't you? I don't want to.

Why? I don't know what's there . . .

And so you'll discover! Life's not fair.

No answer.

My mind whirring,

My stomach churning,

The waves crashing upon the rocks.

I stood there, waiting.

Nature is something you can't outfox.

I can't run. My feet are planted.

I can only wait for a bigger wave.

Wait for my feet to slip.

Wait for the endless blue.

Wait for the forever sea.