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SPIRITS: CHARGE Season 1 Chapter 1

Ryana sat in her World Studies class and daydreamed of distant worlds. The young Teacher taught her students of lands within their territories. No one knew of the worlds outside, and therefore World Studies could be called Country Studies. Ryana felt something tugging at her ear as she snapped back into reality. Ryana jumped up and began to name all 60 states within her homeland. The children were laughing wildly at Ryana and she blushed brightly.

"Pay attention, Ryana!" the teacher yelled loudly as she snapped her ruler on Ryana's desk.

"Yes Ma'am" Ryana replied sheepishly. After more of "Country Studies" the bell rang and school was out. Ryana ran to the lot in front of the school and waited for her friends to arrive. A young boy approached Ryana with a girl tagging close behind him. They were both 17, the same age as Ryana.

"Hey, Viggo, what's up?!" Ryana yelled loudly.

"I'm right here . . . you don't have to yell" he growled at her.

"O-Kay, Let's try the same question but with you Kaori" Ryana laughed.

"Nothing really . . . school was as boring as usual" Kaori sighed.

"You shouldn't say that about school . . . it is a learning experience" said a young girl as she pushed her glasses back onto her nose.

"Don't be such a Nancy, Nancy" Viggo laughed at her.

"Don't use my name as an insult!" Nancy yelled at him.

"I can if I want!" Viggo yelled back.

"Oh shut up you two. You sound like a squabbling couple" said another boy walking up to the group.

"Ryo, sense when were you the therapist among the married couples?" Ryana asked.

"I've got news . . . if you want to hear it than you all need to be a little nicer" Ryo told the group.

"What kind of news do you have for us?" Viggo looked at Ryo with his intense gold eyes.

"It's about the outer worlds . . ." Ryo said as his dark red hair blew in the wind.

"There are none" Nancy replied.

"Until now" Ryo told her. Ryana's thoughts danced at the idea of another world.

"Oh, Ryo, is it true?" Ryana asked as she threw her arms around him and hugged him tight.

"Let go!" Ryo yelled.

"What . . . I only want you to tell me if it's true or not" Ryana laughed.

"The barriers between the worlds have been broken" Ryo whispered.

"No way" Viggo said in surprise.

"The barrier that was held by Lord Laia" Kaori asked.

"Yep, when he died the barriers broke off. Anything can leave this world now" Ryo replied.

"You mean anything can enter this world" Ryana said looking down. She seemed to have dazed into the clouds.

"Very well said, But I think I want to explore the new worlds" Ryo told the party.

"What ever, I'll meet you later . . ." Viggo said as he had gotten up and left. Kaori followed him closely. Ryana looked at Ryo and Nancy and smiled politely because she had no clue about what had happened.

"Air Head" Nancy laughed. "See you two tomorrow."

"I'll walk you home. Chances are if I don't you'll fall into your own little dream world on your way back" Ryo said as he followed Ryana to her house. On their way to Ryana's house they had walked past the dock. There were many ships ready to set sail and adventure the new worlds. "Impressive, isn't it?"

"It sure is" Ryana replied. "I would love to go on one of those ships, see a new world, and make new friends. I wonder what kind of people are out there."

"Do you really want to know?" Ryo asked.

"Of course I do" Ryana had said in confusion. She wasn't quite sure what Ryo had cooking in that head of his.

"Let's jump on one of the ships!"

"Are you serious?" Ryana asked.

"Of course I am. I am just as serious as you are about finding a new world!" Ryo said.

"Uh, Okay" Ryana said. She had remembered her parents at home but decided they would be happy for her.

On the ship there were many sailors moving around huge boxes of food for the journey. "Uh, sir . . . which way is the ship heading?" Ryo asked a sailor.

"Call me Cid, and this ship is heading south . . . towards the closer part of the new worlds" Cid said.

"Thanks Cid" Ryana said with a smile. "When will the ship set off?"

"In ten minutes" Cid said. An alarm rang around the ship and the sailors all ran to the side of the ship. There was a loud screeching and the boat began to shake. "Oh Crap, something is attacking the bottom of the ship!"

"Anything we can do to help?" Ryo asked. Ryana ran to the side of the ship to see what was in the water. The ship was bumped by the attacker and Ryana fell over the side.

Ryo called out Ryana's name and ran to the side of the ship to find her.

"Man overboard!" yelled a sailor. Ryo took off his shirt and was about to jump in the water but Cid told him that Ryana was probably gone by now. Suddenly the creature that caused the ship to shake emerged from the water. It shot from the water and flew into the sky.

"A dragon . . ." Cid asked in disbelief. "It must have come from the other worlds!"

"What about Ryana!" Ryo yelled out. Another dragon had shot from the water, this time it had Ryana trapped in its jaws.

"Ryo, help me!"

Ryo did as told and grabbed a gun from one of the sailors and began to shoot at the dragon. The dragon fell into the water and began to sink as Ryana did her best to swim away. Ryo jumped in the water and swam to Ryana, helping her get to shore. The other dragon flew at Ryo and Ryana once they reached shore. The dragon kept trying to fly off with Ryana, why did they want her so bad? Ryo took Ryana by the hand and said "I'm not letting go!" The dragon seemed to listen to Ryo so the dragon grabbed Ryo by the shirt and began to drag him off too. Ryana tried to pull Ryo from the dragons grip but the dragon was much stronger. Ryo let go of Ryana in hopes that they would take him instead. The dragon let go of Ryo and grabbed Ryana once again, but this time a bright light shown around the dragon and it became a human.

"What?" Ryana gasped as a tall man dressed in robes held her hand. "Would you let go!" Ryana yelled as she pulled her hand away. Ryo ran up to Ryana to see if she was hurt.

"Who are you?" Ryo yelled out. Cid ran up to Ryana and Ryo and grew wide-eyed when he saw the man dressed in robes.

"He's an elder . . . I didn't know they still existed" Cid said I awe.

"So, he's old . . . there are plenty of old people on the world" Ryana said.

"No, no, no. Please child, I am an elder of the sea and sky. That means I govern the seas and the skies" said this "elder."

"Govern? So you control the oceans and the skies?" Ryo asked.

"Yes, very much so" said the elder.

"Why did you try to take me?" Ryana asked.

"You have the spirit of a great white dragon . . . we need you" said the elder.

"But your friend here possesses a spirit of a much darker sort. He is not welcome among our people and therefore he will not be coming with you" said the elder.

"Well then, I'm not going!" Ryana said as she grabbed Ryo's hand. "Friends stick together!"

"You are coming with us . . ."

"And Ryo's coming with me . . ." Ryana smirked.

"Suit yourself . . . but no good will come from him" the elder replied. Ryana and Ryo smiled at each other, their chance to see a new world had finally come.

The dragon took to the skies with Ryo and Ryana on his back. The flight was long and there were lots of clouds blocking the view, but Ryana and Ryo had fun. When the elder began his descend a large castle came into view. Five hours later their journey had come to pause. They had reached Delphi's castle and many dragons were flying around the skies and seas. The castle sat afloat on the ocean, how it did was still a mystery to Ryana and Ryo.