'Age Of Dragons' or 'Age Of The Dragons'

This idea came to me by simply walking through Toys R Us, I was thinking of 'Age of Empires' the games and asked my guardian what she would think of 'Age of Dragons'. I was hoping it was already thought of and made into a game, but apparently not.

So what do you think? Good enough for a story, but I would love some more ideas than I already got. PLEASE give me a piece of your brain….I mean your thoughts. Of course it will be set in a time of war. A battle between humans and dragons or a battle between dragons themselves of the different colors. I was even thinking of having human cults with the dragons like a group that either worshiped or followed the dragons. Something like that, but I am not sure. I might not even go with the idea….hmm….

Let me know what you think!!! Kind of characters that should be in their, the reason for the fighting…something like that cuz my brain hurts….hahaha BRAIN FARTS! Lol.