This is my second poem life of the universe.I hope you enjoy.Please reveiw.

'Life of the Universe'

Life is undiscovered.

Aliens exiest

Planets have life.

Planets have intellant life forms.

Life is sacret.

Life is holly.

The meaning of life is undiscovered.

Because it means so much.

Life is a gift of its self even no the meaning is yet to be discovered.

The universe is vast like a never ending story life.

Time will never end.

Time began so long ago taht ono one knows when it began.

Some say time never began in the universe.

The stars and planets are jewels of the universe.

Jewels are precious,but life means more.

Life is the untimate tresure beyond all tresures.

Life maybe hard,but worth wild.

Sometimes life is a challenge.

Challenges should be taken on with honnor and pride.

Because that's that living beings do.

Change is commonin the universe.

Planets get destoryed.

Stars are born.

Solar systemns are made.

Gallerxys fuss together.

Blackholes suck up space.

They may destroy the universe.

But since the universe is so vast that will never happen.

Because time will never end and ether will the universe