Perfect Christmas

The moon is full,
Snow is falling
Christmas tree shining beautifully
And my hand,
Holding her small cute hand

The Christmas of my dream has arrived,
With beautiful girl standing next to me,
Moon and the snow and the illumination of Christmas trees,
Creating the most romantic Christmas that I can remember

I look around,
Nobody is here, but us two
So I face her, and look straight into her beautiful eyes

Moment of silence,
Then I start speaking
"You know, this around us is truly beautiful,
But you are more beautiful than anything else in this world"

She giggles, while I stand there smiling,
But inside, feeling really nervous about what's going to happen

"I love you"
I whisper in her ears,
Her cheeks turn slightly red,
And next thing I knew,
She bent over, and put her lips on top of mine

She backs up after a while,
And whispers in my ear, the words I can never forget
"I love you too, you are all I want for this Christmas"